close clay tennis court in massachusetts for winter

Closing Out a Clay Tennis Court For Winter Checklist

It’s almost the end of October. In Massachusetts’ North Shore cities such as Salem, Ipswich, Beverly, Marblehead, Danvers, and Peabody, it’s about time to finish up the outdoor clay tennis season. That means you should begin to think about closing out your clay tennis count and ensuring you have all the tools you need, as well as the proper storage facilities to hold your equipment for the winter and establish a process for doing so.

Steps to Close a Clay Court for the Winter in Massachusetts

  • Turn off your sprinkler system

  • Remove your net straps

  • Take down your tennis nets

  • Extract the net posts from the ground

  • Pull up the line tape

  • Store all items in a safe, dry location

  • Take down the windscreens

Establishing a process for closing out your clay court for the winter will not only make the job that much smoother during the cooler fall months but will also make it that much easier for you to get everything set back up in the springtime.

Tips for Closing a Clay Court for Winter

  • Ensuring the storage facility is clean and easily accessible.

  • Plan ahead for where inside the facility each piece of equipment will go. The last thing you want is to fumble around in the dark looking for a spot t place a heavy net while you’re standing there holding it.

  • Begin with the net straps, and place each strap on top of each respective net when you roll it up for storage. This will help keep them both together.

  • Organize the strap/net and net posts together in sets, to make it easy for you to remove the sets or equipment for each court in the spring.

  • Remove and fold each section of the windscreens in order and be sure to number each section on the tag.

  • Store these in reverse chronological order and set them up in reverse chronological order as well.

  • Use a tarp to protect the exposed clay court surface to prevent erosion from wind, sun and precipitation over the winter.

Need any assistance with your end of year tennis court maintenance? Contact us today for a season closeout and free consult to get ahead of any repairs for next year.