Har Tru tennis court resurfacing Winchester, Massachusetts

Featured Job: Resurfacing Har-Tru Tennis Courts in Winchester, MA

Our company was recently chosen to resurface fifteen outdoor Har-Tru tennis courts in Winchester, MA. The courts, situated just outside the Town’s center, are one of the largest outdoor public clay tennis court facilities in New England.

Process of Resurfacing Har-Tru Tennis Courts

Following initial discussions and a free evaluation tennis court evaluation, our team was ready to prep the courts for the start of the spring season. The tennis court resurfacing process began with a complete court clean-up which included the removal of leaves, small branches and other debris from the surface. Next, our team added two tons of Har-Tru to each court and milled the entire surface area to prevent algae from forming and promote water absorption for accelerated drying times. The courts were watered and rolled out to ensure a solid foundation ahead of the final stages of resurfacing.

It was at this point the courts began to take shape. We measured out each court and marked all the appropriate points for the baselines, alleys, service boxes, etc. before nailing the lines down. One hundred pounds of calcium chloride was applied to help the clay court surface retain moisture ahead of the next round of watering. After one final roll, we swept the courts, put the tennis nets up, and set up all the benches and other on-court accessories.

Challenges of Resurfacing Har-Tru Tennis Courts

These particular tennis courts sat low and water drainage issues resulted in dips and ridges in the surface which required the application of additional Har-Tru to level out any inconsistencies. A number of rocks also surfaced during the process which were removed by hand.

Rainy weather, coupled with a supply-side disruption, resulted in a few difficult days for our team. However, It was important for the us to stay on schedule for Town’s opening day. To do so, our team transported essential supplies from our shop in Ipswich, MA and moved over fifteen tons of material by hand. The hard work and long hours were worth it and saw us complete the job in just six days – a full day ahead of schedule.

Tennis Court Installation & Resurfacing Experts in New England

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