small, hairline cracks on tennis court

How much does it cost to resurface a tennis court?

For the purpose of this piece, we are focusing on traditional hard courts. Several factors determine the cost to resurface a tennis court such as: how much cracking, in linear feet, as well as the width and type of surface crack as well as the size of the court.

Straight cracks v. bent cracks – straight cracks are easier and faster to fill and repair as there are fewer crack shield cuts necessary (read: less starting and stopping) and therefore require less labor.

Type of cracks – groups of small, hairline cracks (see image below) that are grouped more closely require pose a challenge as the proximity prohibits the application of a traditional crack system. This more intensive repair process requires more starts and stops with various cuts and sizing despite the relatively small surface area affected.

Photo Courtesy:, Flickr

Amount of puddling – the number and size of the puddles as smaller puddles require less time and materials to repair. In the event the puddled area is too large, cutting out, repaving and re-painting are necessary to properly repair the affected section of the tennis court.

Post footing – the tennis net posts are sunk about 3 1/2 to 4 feet into the ground and mounted with cement. Net pressure and frost heaving (raising of the post) will cause cracks around the base of the post. Raised posts will necessitate the installation of new posts, which will require more parts and labor.

Other factors – the size of the court may also impact the total cost to repair and repaint a tennis court as pricing is based on total square footage. Some residential tennis courts have more surrounding areas outside the standard tennis court area requiring repairs.

Bids for Tennis Court Construction

Regardless of the type of court, condition or amount of work required to resurface your tennis court, it is best to do your homework and solicit bids from several different court installation companies. Be sure to solicit bids from three to four different companies in your area and to get answers to common tennis court repair questions when doing so.