NGI TitanTrax Shield Tennis Court Repair

New Tennis Court Technology for Hard Court Repairs in Massachusetts

It’s not often new products and services are introduced to the tennis court repair and installation market. However, there is one new hard court surface technology that is taking off throughout the country and is now just making its way to Massachusetts.

New Hard Court Tennis Court Repair Product in MA

This new hard court repair product is called the NGI TitanTrax Shield, from NGI Sports. This revolutionary hard court surface involves the laying of a specially designed mat over the entire court surface, similar to that of a wall-to-wall carpeting solution for your court. The surface helps "shield" the existing base against the elements and guarding against further deterioration.

Benefits of New Mat Surface System for Hard Courts in MA

The NGI TitanTrax Shield provides benefits to owners from a cost and maintenance perspective. Due to the protection it provides, there is a longer life cycle for the more expensive asphalt base layer. This is seen as a more economical and effective tennis court repair method compared to standard crack repair systems. Plus, this system comes with a 20-year warranty.* The only expected maintenance would involve resurfacing the mat every 5 years.

For the homeowner, this system can help you save on other costs as well. With the longer-lasting asphalt base in-place, a reconstruction would not be necessary and the area around the courts will not be demolished by machines and the landscape repairs needed will be minimal. Also, when compared to a new asphalt court that does not include a warranty from any paving company, with a TitanTrax Shield installed by SportsTek, you receive a 20-year warranty.*

View the TitanTrax Shield Brochure

Process for Installing the Mat Surface System

  • Cracks and small depressions are filled then a mat is installed over the entire surface.

  • The mat is attached along the edges and seams are attached to each other, not the court.

  • This mat court surface is painted using the same acrylic systems as with traditional deco turf tennis courts. Since the matted surface does not adhere to the surface, cracks can reappear underneath without affecting the court surface or playability.

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*We will only warranty under the condition of necessary maintenance completed by SportsTek every 5 years.