massachusetts outdoor hard court maintenance tips for fall

Tennis Court Maintenance Tips for Fall

Do you have a tennis court in your backyard? Are you a tennis pro at a private club in the Greater Boston area? October and November signify the winding down of the outdoor tennis season in the North Shore of Massachusetts. However, before the last ball is struck, it’s important to take proper care of your outdoor hard courts before the end-of-season.

Reasons to Maintain Your Outdoor Tennis Court in the Fall

Ensuring your outdoor hard court has been properly maintained before the winter season can help cut down on tennis court repair and repainting costs in the spring.

Leaves and small sticks can hold moisture on the surface, which can effect the top layer of paint. This can cause inconsistencies in the playing surface in the form of uneven bounces as well as variations in court speed.

Additionally, once the surface has been impacted or impaired, whether through abrasion or other damage, the impacted area(s) can become more vulnerable to further and faster erosion.

Small cracks can expand and uneven sections (depressions) of the courts can worsen over the winter months with the weight of snow and freezing water.

Fall Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Tennis Courts

  • Remove all leaves, dirt, sand, sticks and other foreign items from the tennis court surface using a light bristle broom.

  • Take down the tennis nets and store in a dry place

  • Remove the net posts from the ground and cover post holes to prevent water and debris build-up.

  • Take down and store all windscreens

  • Contact a professional tennis court construction company to fill or repair cracks on the court

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